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European Safety Meeting Motocross 2019

The 9th - 10th of February 2019 Svemo organised together with FIM Europe and FIM an international meeting for exchange of experience regarding how we together can make Motocross a safer sport. 

Via the links below you can download all material from the meeting. If you miss anything, please email to This is a mailto link and let us know. 


Agenda (pdf)

Notes (by Annika Pettersson, Anja Rauch, Svemo)

Pictures (ZIP-file)

The movie (link)

Contact details participants (pdf)


Questionnaires (please fill in by 17th of March 2019)

Questionnaire Track Insurance (link)

Questionnaire Medical (link)

Questionnaire about the meeting itself - let's improve together! (link)


Presentation material

Presentation of the meeting (pdf)

The FMNs contributions (included in the presentation of the meeting)

FFM (France, Olivier Robert)

- Track, Rider, Medical (pdf)

- Special rules for planning/building tracks (pdf)

- Example Track Inspection report (pdf)

FMI (Italy, Ennio Gaia Maretta and Gianluca Avenoso)

- FMI MX Safety Strategy (pdf)

KNMV (Netherlands, Martijn Spliethof and Nico de Goejj)

- MX Practise and Yellow Flag (pdf)

- Yellow Flag System (website)


DMU (Denmark, Jorgen Bitsch, Asger Pedersen)

- Challenges/Best Practises Flag Marshals (pdf)

SML (Finland, Henri Saari, Teija Piirto, Kimmo Elo)

- Marshal Safety - good practises (pdf)

- Track Inspection - good practises (pdf)

- Track Signage - a national/international concept (pdf)

- Information Safety Signs (pdf, contact Teija Piirto)

PZM (Poland, Pawel Kurajk)
- Education of parents, pictures and movie "how NOT to" (ZIP-file)

FIM (Tony Skillington, Dirk De Nève)

- Track, Marshal Safety, FIM Racing Homologation Programme (pdf)

- Flag Marshal video (YouTube)

- FIM Racing Homologation Programme (website)

(Sweden, Ola Andersson and Magnus Markenfelt)

- Track Safety and Track Inspection (pdf)

- Flag Signal Game (website)

Svemo Medical Council (Stephan Filipowski)

Neck protection - research article 1 (pdf)

Neck protection - research article 2 (pdf)