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European Safety Meeting Motocross 2020

On the 8th - 9th of February 2020, Svemo together with FIM and FIM Europe invited all motorcycle federations to an exchange of experience on how we together can make Motocross a safer sport. 

Thank you
- to all participants for joining the 2nd European Safety Meeting Motocross (ESMMX)!
- to all federations that contributed to the meeting by sharing their work!


Agenda (pdf) 

Notes (pdf)

Pictures (ZIP-file, 22 MB)

Contact details participants (pdf)

Presentation material and contributions of the participating federations (pdf)

ACU (Andy Summers)
- Seroius Accident Checklist

ADAC (Thomas Heinrich)
- Spectators Safety at MX Tracks

DMSB (Karsten Schneider)
- Race Guard Light flag System - more safety for flag marshals and riders

DMU (Lea Kahlke, Jorgen Bitsch, Asger Pedersen)
- Paramedical Zone (Lea)
- Neck brace (Asger)

FFM (Loic Leonce & Olivier Robert)
- Track Safety
- Implementation rules track safety
- Example Track inspection report

FIM (Antonio Alía Portela)
- Safety for Officials at tracks - pictures and video (large ZIP-file)
- The future of flag marshaling (YouTube)
- Safety Elements in Motocross (video)
- Crash at MXGP of Bulgaria 2018 (video)
- Imola Crash Marshal (video)

FIM MXGP (Jiri Sitina)
- Serious Accicent Form (ZIP-file)

FIM CMI (Dr. Stephan Filipowski)
- Data Protection Medical Data

FIM - FHRP (Dominique Hebrard)
- FIM Racing Homologation Programme

FIM Europe (Eddie Herd)
- Crash at Anaheim (YouTube)

Finland MX Safety Project (Teija Piirto)
- The future of sports safety
- Conclusions on safeguarding children in sports
- Unified instructions track signs
- MX Track Signs - ALL

FMI (Ennio Gaia Maretta)
- Track Safety

KNMV (Nico de Goeij & Martijn Spliethof)
- Improve safety performance by information exchange

NMF (Dan Sebastian Lindkjølen)
- Track building according to different rider skills

NMF (Dr. Dag Egil Nilssen)
- Injury Survey

- Motocross Seminar Track Safety

SML (Kimmo Elo)
- SML Safety work Motocross
Due to lack of time, this presentation was not shown at the meeting, but we still want to share it!

Svemo (Ola Andersson & Magnus Markenfelt)
- Track Manager Education - Track Safety

Svemo (Dr. Stephan Filipowski)
- Concussion awareness

- Plan for crisis management


Next meeting

The 3rd European Safety Meeting Motocross will take place in Greece, most likely 1st or 2nd weekend in February 2021. Keep these dates free and join the meeting in Greece!
The organiser will be the AMOTOE.
For information, please contact Nick Tsaglas at AMOTOE.