Tullsystem för dragracingförare

Se information nedan från Job Heezens Facebook-inlägg 13 augusti.

New customs system for Scandinavian racers.
12th August: Thanks to Neale Saunders from Santa Pod Raceway who has sent us a guide to the new UK Customs Border Force entry procedure for Scandinavian racers travelling to the FIA/FIM-E European Finals via Immingham (or via Dover if using that route after the NitrOlympX) with an example customs manifest.
Arrangements have been made between Santa Pod Raceway and the office of the Chief Executive of HMRC, to allow Scandinavian racers to enter the UK using the Temporary Admission procedure, instead of the usual ATA Carnet.
UK Border Force have asked for prior notice of arrival times and confirmation of racer details and race entry pre departure. This means that racers should complete their entry to the FIA Euro Finals as soon as possible, Santa Pod will need to show a racers entry to the Euro Finals on the UK Customs paperwork. Once entered, racers will need to complete the C108 (Oral declaration) form and compile their own manifest, 2 copies of each must travel with the race car. Please send copies of this completed paperwork including ferry details to neale@santapod.com so these can be sent on to UK Customs before travel. Where possible, UK Customs transit staff will attend the dock on arrival at Immingham (attendance to custom house may be required if staffing is low or outside of normal hours), 2 copies of the form C108 (with manifest) must be presented to Border Force, they will stamp both copies and retain copy 1, copy 2 will be returned to the racer.
This procedure will also apply to the port of Dover to enable Scandinavian racers to use the Temporary Admission procedure when travelling direct from Hockenheim to Santa Pod.
Goods returning to Sweden from the UK may also be able to apply for Returned Goods Relief (RGR) under EU rules, to relieve import duties that may otherwise apply on re-entry to Sweden. The relief applies to goods which are returned in an unaltered state within three years. The management of EU import and export procedures is the responsibility of the customs authorities of the Member States, so it is important to confirm details of how to claim this relief with Swedish customs authorities before arrival. Your constituents can find information at this link.
Please refer to these documents as an example of how the paperwork should be completed: 1.For reference and 2. For editing